The Red Tent

The Red Tent is an ancient practice which has been disregarded in recent millennia. It is an observance of the laws of Nature, the needs of women as well as a space for healing through the honoring of the Divine Feminine. The Red Tent is a communal space exclusive to women, for regeneration on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

It is intended as a haven for all women but especially for:

  • those who are menstruating
  • those who experience labour or miscarriage
  • those with very young babies
  •  those who are very upset
  • those who need to talk and be understood
  • those with great news to share like the celebration of menarche, prenuptial, or 120 day of pregnancy
  • those, who want to  gather in council and put forward their ideas and perspectives for transformation and healing both locally and globally. 

Why have a Red Tent at the European Yoga Festival?

The Festival is attended by up to 2000 women who are consciously walking their spiritual path and therefore intent on growing stronger and more aware.

The Festival has reached huge proportions as an influential model for living in the 3HO global community. What happens here serves as an inspiration and an experience of what´s possible to take home to one´s local area as a regular routine.

In communal camping conditions women need certain facilities. The Red Tent committee will ensure pads and washing facilities are provided to make life easier and more fun.

From the teachings

  • Yogi Bhajan did remind women how imperative it is to rest on the first few days of their menstruation.
  • YB also pointed out the need for a  peanut hour, i.e. Regular exclusively female times and/or           spaces, where women can chat freely,  share their stories, concerns and news.
  • Another yogic lifestyle tip we tend to disregard is the infamous  sautéed almonds women should have for breakfast during their period. It is difficult to introduce this habit in a festival where menstruating women are unidentifiable and dispersed.

The Red Tent Program

This year there is a program of morning workshops led by expertise women aimed at empowering and celebrating women in all aspects of body, mind and soul.
The evening study groups include conversations which are often regarded as taboo and/or delicate.

The space, outside these times, welcomes and nurtures all women thanx to a team of female Sevadars who want to make you feel good about your Self.

The Red Tent at the European Yoga Festival

... Is part of a global Red Tent movement led by thousands of women who share a vision of healing and transforming the world. If you are curious you can find out more on "Red Tent European 3HO Festival on FB" and: