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Nordic Yoga Center | Sweden

The Nordic Yoga Center “NYC” was founded in 2008 and is run by Hari Arti Kaur, a Swedish native, and by Sat Karam Singh, originally from Germany. The center is located in the middle of Sweden, amidst a picturesque landscape on the shore of the beautiful “river of light” (Ljusnan). NYC is 2 hours North of the international airport of Stockholm-Arlanda, and can conveniently reached by train or car. The area is known for its blue mountains, the magical forests, abundant wildlife as well as for its rich cultural heritage. Our building which hosts the center is a former priest mansion built in 1823. It is a typical and cozy Swedish wooden construction with wooden floors, fire places and a sacred heritage within the place.

Over the years a spiritual community has grown around the Nordic Yoga Center, based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, as well as Sikh Dharma. A multicultural and non dogmatic approach to different ways of living a spiritual life is supported: “In the love of truth and the truth of love”.

We like to think ”glocally” by seeing the potential within the small context and the individual human being, collaborating locally beyond the boundaries of nations and creating an international, global arena in the countryside.

The Nordic Yoga Center offers several Kundalini Yoga classes per week, including deepening of chanting and meditation. Extensive trainings, such as Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings and Karam Kriya Consultancy Trainings are organized within the center as well as at Norway’s West coast. NYC is appreciated as a space for retreats, workshops and seminars. Often these include yogic/vegetarian diet prepared in the center’s kitchen.

Sat Karam Singh is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher trainer, a Karam Kriya trainer and consultant and musician, and he has worked many years as a civil engineer. Sat Karam offers Karam Kriya numerology consultations and gentle spinal treatments with the Dorn-method. Hari Arti Kaur is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher trainer and certified therapist in Ayurvedic Yoga-massage. She has worked in the academic world of international relations and lived many years in Central America.

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