At least twice a year return to nature to be recharged

La Fontaine

Guru Ram Das Institute "La Fontaine" is a beautiful 3HO-Europe property in the French alps near Barret-sur-Méouge between Sisteron and Grenoble. Though mountainous with wonderful forests and mountaintops all around, the land here is sunny and open. Some even say it reminds them of magical New Mexico, where the mother center of 3HO is. The water is best quality mountain water, and there is the river Méouge for bathing nearby.
La Fontaine is run by a small group of Kundalini Yogis and Yoginis, who live on and near the land all year doing biological agriculture, hosting seminars and running a small vegetarian / non-smoking / Yoga-loving camping. It has a kitchen building, a building with a winter garden and a large yoga room, and lots of places to sleep in teepees, caravans or tents.
All those interested in Kundalini Yoga, natural living, hiking, healing, organic gardens and great food fresh from those gardens are invited to come here and stay a few days (or longer) for a reasonable camping fee.


Guru Ram Das Institute "La Fontaine"
Sobagh Kaur
La Fontaine
05300 Barret sur Méouge
tél: +33 (0) 4 92 65 27 29
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