At least twice a year return to nature to be recharged

Guru Ram Das Ashram | Boizenburg, Germany

This place of healing was founded at the end of the year 2009 before the gates of Hamburg in the nature reserve "Elbtalaue".

On the one hand Yogi Bhajan spread Kundalini Yoga by the establishment of the 3H organization all over the world, on the other hand he also provided us insights into the ideas of Sikh Dharma. In order to make energetic progress and to further our group consciousness , we have therefore asked for the protection and the energy field of Guru Ram Das.

The program of the day begins with the Sadhana at 05.40 in the morning. After breakfast we work about 2 hours within our community. A Gurdwara is also available. A piece of garden land of about 1,000 sqm belongs to the ashram. Here we grow our own organic vegetables. The Yoga Center Jiwan Mukta was founded in 2003. Yoga classes take place once a day for two hours in the evening. Sat Nam Rasayan treatments can be arranged. An Ayurvedic Café is still at the planning stage and will hopefully be realized soon.

So if you feel the desire to experience spiritual community life - without meat, cigarettes and alcohol - and have pleasure in developing your consciousness, doing yoga, meditation, home renovation and gardening, You are cordially invited to play an essential part in this project and to move it forward.

It is possible to attend the ashram as a guest - for just one day or for a longer period of time. Sadhana, Yoga and meals are included. After the Sadhana we work together for about 2 hours. Subsequently You can enjoy free time. We appreciate your financial contribution of EUR 20, - per night.

If You are ready for extra work, you can also live free of charge in the ashram (if enough places are available ). Your prior registration is required in any case.

Contact: Guru Ram Das Ashram
Yogazentrum Jiwan Mukta
Baustrasse 21, 19258 Boizenburg/Elbe
Tel: +49(0)38847-33675
Mail: siri-kartar-kaur(at)