Qué hay entre el cuerpo y el alma? La Mente!

Language and translation during the festival

The basic language of the festival is English.
However in the Missel meetings in the morning all participants share the same language. There are German, Italian, Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Dutch, International, English, Polish and Russian Missel meetings.
The All Camp workshops and the White Tantric Yoga will be simultaneously translated in all the main languages of the festival. In the beginning of a workshop the different translators will stand up and you can go sit near a translator if you need translation.
Morning Sadhana and Evening Yoga are taught in English with translation in one of the main languages of the festival (one day English and German, one day English and Spanish, etc.)
If you need translation in the Morning Workshops and Evening Study Groups please organize during the Missel meeting that you go there together with somebody who can translate.
Anyway, as Yogi's we are so good in non-verbal communication, that it will all work out!