The children are our future

Pregnancy Missel

Are you pregnant or do you have a small baby, that you are still breastfeeding? Are you considering if you can come to the yoga festival in this situation? Maybe this information can be a help for you to decide and give you courage. Every year there are many people at the yoga festival and increasingly also women in your situation. That is why we have started to spend special attention to you in your situation.


Every morning we meet in a group before the workshops start during the time when there are many small groups meeting, to do karma yoga, etc. These groups are called misls. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you do not need to do any other seva / karma yoga at the festival. But it is good to meet, to exchange experiences, do pregnancy yoga or postnatal yoga or whatever is needed. You also get tips about how to get the food you need, where the warm showers are, the best bathrooms, how to deal with the Tantra-Days. If necessary we can take care of some special shopping that you need. Also there is opportunity to talk about whatever is occupying you or worrying.

At the last day we do a 120-day ceremony for all the pregnant women, who did not do this before. We celebrate the entrance of the soul in the womb of the mother, to welcome the soul and to honour the mother.