Seva brings you friendship for ever

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga (also called Seva) is a necessary aspect of Kundalini Yoga. It is based on the law of Karma: "Everything you do, comes back to you tenfold". This is true for all your negative actions, but also for whatever you do positive and selflessly. Without Karma Yoga, there is a risk that doing yoga just for yourself, instead of slowly dissolving the ego, hardens it and leads to narcissism. Karma Yoga supports the creation of community and leads to friendship, love and group consciousness.

Karma Yoga at the festival

The European Yoga Festival is almost exclusively run by volunteers. The loving mentality of taking care of each other is a large part of the magic of the festival. Everybody, who comes to the festival is asked to help with serving the food, cleaning, cutting vegetables, etc. With your registration you will be given a Karma Yoga project. Normally Karma Yoga projects are done in the Misl system, small language - based groups that meet in the morning. There is a limited amount of discounts available for people who perform more strenuous and time consuming jobs like security or registration (see work exchange),

Tips for a good Karma Yoga experience

  1. Karma Yoga is fun
  2. Afterwards you feel a sensation of energy
  3. Put the result of Karma Yoga on your altar, it does not belong to you
  4. You do not do Karma Yoga for anybody else, you do it for yourself
  5. Watch your limits, when you do Karma Yoga
  6. Discuss or announce your limits before you start Karma Yoga
  7. Don't feel guilty if you do not do a Karma Yoga project that presents itself
  8. Write a diary about Karma Yoga to make the process more conscious