The children are our future

Children's and Teens Camp

Part of the European Yoga Festival is a children's and teens camp, divided into different age groups. We want to give the children and teens during this week an experience of community, learning, inspiration and fun. For more information see

As much as possible the children are divided into smaller language groups, so they are together with children that speak their language. We try to organize it so that the volunteer guides also speak the language of your child. We encourage all parents to help out for one day at Children's Camp during Tantric to allow our hard-working Children's Camp volunteers to also attend some White Tantric Yoga." 

Registration for Children's/Teens camp

It is important that your children are registered right from the beginning of the festival. Please do not wait with registration until a later date. The camp needs to know right away how much children's food to cook and other organizational details! Just register your child at the main yoga festival registration.
Also essential to have a smooth running camp is your participation as parents. Please register yourself to do at least one day of karma yoga in the children's camp. This is one of the most beautiful karma yoga projects that you can do and it will bring many rewards and a good atmosphere.

Children's/Teens program

There is of course a huge difference in program between the different age groups - it is almost like there are four different camps.

Ages 1-3 Toddlers

There are volunteers present to take care of the children in this age group. There is a playground with a lot of toys and a sandbox where the team will play with your child. Further they will have a breakfast at 10 a.m., lunch and a snack in the afternoon.However, the toddlers need their parents a lot more than the other age groups. Please be aware, when you register your child for the toddler´s camp, that you (as the parent) have to work at the toddler´s camp on one of the tantric days. You and your toddler should attend the toddler´s camp at all three workshop days to form a group with other children and their parents with the same language. Your child will then get used to adults other than you and will have a contact person when you are not there. In case your child is not capable of staying at the toddler´s camp without you, you will need to take care of your child. In addition there will be volunteers, who will be there for the children of this age group.

Ages 4-10 Young Children

During the first three days of the festival the program for young children looks as follows:

8.15 Breakfast with parents
9.45 Camp starts
10.00 Breakfast
10.45 Workshops start
12.00 Lunch
13.00Handcrafts or other activities
14.00 Free play, sports, waterglide
15.00 Snack
16.00 Children go to the Big Top for the ‘tunnel of love’
16.30 End of the day (please be there to receive your child)

During the three days of White Tantric Yoga the children are usually taken with buses to participate in activities outside the camp, like visiting the zoo, and adventure and water parks. 

On Peace Prayer Day, the last day of the festival, the children's camp for the young children finishes at 13.00 hr. There is a special show of what the children learned in children's camp during the "festival highlights" at around 18.00 hr on the sadhana stage.

Ages 11-12 Pre Teens

This age group feels too old to be part of the young childrens program, but they are not yet ready to be in teens camp. Therefore we created the pre-teens program, a more mature variation of the young childrens camp.

Ages 12-18 Teens

The teenager camp program is clearly different from the program of the other children. It combines the playfullness of the younger children with many aspects of the adult program. Excellent guest teachers and workshopleaders are invited to teach the teens especially.
The teens start in the morning (9.30 hr) with adventure games and Yoga. Afterwards they do workshops in Gatka (sword and stick-fighting), juggling, and rope-walking. In the afternoon there are outings, games or workshops. In the evening until 22.30 hr they watch movies, attend workshops or play games.
Some teenagers like to join in one or more of the White Tantric Yoga days. The others go during the three Tantric Days on day trips with buses to interesting locations in the vicinity.