Feel good, do good, be good

A day at the festival


The day starts early with yoga and meditation in a big meadow as the sun slowly rises.
Breakfast is simple vegetable soup and some oranges and bananas. This is part of an ancient purifiying diet to facilitate the Yoga.
After breakfast the camp breaks up into language groups called Missels. In these little communities we create the group consciousness of the festival through special exercises and meditations, sharing information and getting to know each other. The Missel meeting also includes a period of Karma Yoga, the selfless action that organizes and maintains this festival.
After this the camp breaks up in many different Yoga related workshops with some of the best teachers worldwide.


In the afternoon, everyone gathers for the watermelon break, followed by an "all camp" yoga workshop under the big top. Hundreds of people share powerful exercises and experiences that bring us all deeper into the theme of the festival. After this we go to dinner at the "lungar" field for the next part of the yoga festival diet: mung beans and rice, hot sauce, carrots and salad.


After dinner, there is free time for social and family activities such as the bazaar, and sports. This is also a good time to enjoy a treatment by one of the spiritual healers, massage-therapists or chiropractors attending the festival. Or you can participate in one of the many interesting evening study groups that take place at this time.
Afterwards you can join an evening yoga class followed by a special healing meditation. Or, if you participate in the festival or do Kundalini Yoga for the first time a basic introduction to the Yoga Festival and if necessary an introduction into Kundalini Yoga, in your own language, will be offered at this time.
At the end of the evening, sit back, listen and enjoy. There will be a relaxing evening program with mantra concerts and other performances by professional musicians from our own tradition and many guests.