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The European Yoga Festival is in the first place a camping event (the price of camping is included in the price of the festival, but you have to bring your own tent). It is also possible to rent a place with a mattress in a tent (50 € per person, 100 € per family) as long as our supply lasts.
There are a limited number of locations for caravans. These locations do not offer further services like water, sewage disposal or electricity. Please contact security at the main gate. They will help you to find a place.

Dorm Beds / Rental Tents

A limited amount of beds in dormitories (see below) is made  available to the festival by the management of Domaine de Fondjouan. Rental tents for singles, family and groups are also available. All requests need to be sent to Room Reservation Team at yoga-festival-rooms[at]

How to register for a room or bed

Step 1: Please complete your online registration form and payment for the festival
Step 2: Wait until you receive your registration confirmation and your registration number from our office
Step 3: With this registration confirmation and a copy of the receipt of your registration payment from your bank please send a request to yoga-festival-rooms[at] stating:
your full name
are you male or female?
which dorm bed or rental tent (see below) would you like?
For group reservations: names and registration numbers of each person and ages of children.
Step 4:
When you reservation is confirmed you will receive a bed or tent confirmation number. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for processing before June 1st.
Step 5: The payment of the room takes place at Room Registration at the Yoga Festival (do not prepay the dorm bed and tents please).

Please note:
Room requests are only valid upon receipt of your "Yoga Festival membership pre-payment".
Please indicate what type of bed or tent you want (see below) and who you would like to share your dorm/tent with.
Please do not prepay the additional dorm bed / rental tent price as this should be paid at the Festival to the Accomodation Registration.
Dorm beds or tents can only be rented for the full duration of the Festival.
Blankets, sheets and pillows are included in the price of the dorm beds. A rental tent has a mattress but no bedding. Sleeping bags can be reserved (€ 20,-)

Surcharge for beds for the full 8 day period

Bed in large Dormitory (50 beds)


€ 90



€ 70



€ 55

Bed in smaller Dormitory Rooms (4-6 beds)


€ 130



€ 100



€ 80

Prices include blanket, sheets, pillow, and hand towel. Surcharge for the full 8 day period - to be paid at the Yoga Festival.